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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rolf Harris trial witness Tonya Lee

Tonya Lee

I feel sorry for Tonya Lee, the only Australian of the four complainants in the Rolf Harris sexual abuse trial.  Because she sold her story to the media and lied about it to the British police, her credibility is now zero. She admitted under cross-examination that she told a "bare-faced lie" to Scotland Yard by giving the impression that she had minimal contact with the media.

Max Markson

She also admitted that hiring Max Markson to sell her story to Channel 9 and Woman's Day was a huge mistake because it makes it appear she was motivated my money.  She still maintains that in 1986 in a London pub, Harris fondled her and put his hand up her skirt.  He then followed her to the toilet, waited outside, and assaulted her again.

She said Max Markson is a "charlatan" who still owes her money from the deal after he took out his fee of $60,000.  "Max came over as a very genuine person who had my best interests in mind, but as I now know, that's completely untrue" she said.

Harris' defense team is yet to cross-examine Ms Lee on her account of what happened but one thing is certain - they must be clapping their hands with glee at finding an unreliable witness which could help him secure a "not guilty" verdict.