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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

James Packer and David Gyngell punch up

Millionaire casino mogul James Packer is surrounded 24/7 with "yes men" - when you are that rich, you get to call the shots on everything, every time.  But on Sunday afternoon, Packer's attempt to throw his weight around backfired.

When security rang him soon after he touched down in Sydney to tell him there was a Channel 9 truck parked not far from his Bondi beach pad, he went ballistic.  He immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and sent a scathing text to his mate, boss of the network, David Gyngell.  

He basically told him to remove his truck from his street and accused him of setting him up to get an exclusive scoop about his latest love interest, Miranda Kerr who arrived in Sydney on Friday. After a brief exchange of angry texts, Gyngell was left seething with rage and went to his house and blocked the entrance with his car.

Best mates

When Packer arrived, he jumped out and started swinging. During the scuffle, Gyngell was heard to shout "I didn't even know you were in Australia."

What Packer didn't know was that the television truck belonged to a Channel Nine employee who lived in the same street.

Gyngell, next morning

Next morning, Gyngell came back to apologise with no apparent injuries, but so far, Packer hasn't been seen.

It would have been easy for Packer to sue his friend, there were plenty of witnesses to prove Gyngell threw the first punch, but he won't be filing a complaint to police.

Eight months ago, when everyone was saying how Packer appeared to have finally found peace and happiness with his lovely wife Erica Baxter and their three small children, he suddenly ended the marriage. Gyngell, best man at his wedding, was said to be upset with Packer over the split and since then, their relationship has cooled.  Erica and the children now live in Los Angeles.

Interview with Michael Willesee 

Newscorp Australia Chairman Lachlan Murdoch and Kerry Stokes also visited Packer at his Bondi pad since the scuffle.

Lachlan Murdoch yesterday

Nine issued a statement saying the pair remained friends and over 35 years, have had their "fair share of ups and downs."

New love interest, Miranda Kerr

Edit 6 May:  Packer leaves for work this Monday morning nursing a black eye.