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Friday, May 23, 2014

Prince Charles compares Putin to Hitler

I've often wondered why 88 year old Queen Elizabeth II still refuses to hand over the monarchy to Prince Charles, but after his latest faux pas, it's probably because she knows he's a complete idiot.  During a visit to Canada, he compared Putin to Hitler.

Alexander Lukashevich in Moscow said "If these words were really said, then undoubtedly they are not worthy of a future British monarch." 

It's clear that the Russians are seriously offended.  "We have requested an official explanation from British authorities over the statements" he said. "We view the use of the Western press by members of the British royal family to spread the propaganda campaign against Russia on a pressing issue - that is, the situation in Ukraine - as unacceptable, outrageous and low."

The only press release coming from Prince Charles' Office is that the comment was made during a "private conversation," never-the-less, his comments have British diplomats running around like headless chooks.

This weekend, the Ukrainian elections take place and Britain, along with other western allies who denounced Putin for his illegal annexation of Crimea, suspect the election will be "fixed."  The west expects there will be no support for pro-European candidates, instead citizens will overwhelmingly vote to stay closely aligned to Russia.  

Meanwhile, the Prince has shown that heredity runs true to form - he's inherited his father's trait of foot-in-mouth sydrome.