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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rolf Harris' bizarre performance in court

Sasha Wass, Queens Council since 2000, has over 32 years experience at the Criminal Bar.  She is known for attention to detail and relentless cross-examination on behalf of her clients.  She is admired for her ability to master her brief and to isolate and identify the essence of her client's case.

Yesterday Sasha Wass gave Rolf Harris a hard time.  He's still insisting he didn't have sexual relations with the complainant until she was 18 but she insists it started when she was 13.  Ms Wass said he "groomed" and "psychologically dominated" the 13 year old before repeatedly sexually abusing her.

Harris is charged with 12 counts of indecent assault against four girls, some as young as 7 and 8 between 1968 and 1986.  He denies all charges, seven of which relate to one woman.

Then Prosecutor Wass broached the subject of his bizarre behavour in court the day before.  "Yesterday you delighted us with a demonstration of your many talents" she said.  "The Prosecution does not suggest for a moment that you are anything but a brilliant, polished performer, but this case, as you know, is not a talent show. This case is taking place to decide whether beneath your friendly, lovable exterior, there is a darker side lurking."

Harris confirmed that there were few words spoken during sexual encounters with the girl and admitted that he would go into a bedroom where she was sleeping, perform a sex act on her and leave without saying a word.  Prosecutor Wass pointed out that this was not the normal behavior of an adult relationship.  She put it to him that he once molested the girl within yards of his sun-baking wife and daughter and performed oral sex on her in the same room where other children were sleeping.

Ms Wass said that even as an adult, the woman had been too intimidated by Harris to tell police "because you were so famous, so popular, so loved by everyone" she said.

The sad exhibition and spectacle Harris made of himself in court is proof that this man really believes that because everyone loves him, he can't possibly be found guilty.

He doesn't realize that he's already made a fool of himself by dragging his frail wife to court every day to hear the details of his sordid past.  

The trial continues.