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Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Bogan Senator, Jacqui Lambie

So who is this uncouth woman now gracing the corridors of our Senate?  It's Tasmania's Jacqui Lambie who only got 1,501 first-preference votes in last year's election.  Thanks to Clive Palmer, we now have our first bogan Senator.

Within hours of arriving in Canberra, she called Tony Abbott a "psychopath" and said she wants his job one day.

Apparently she's been in the Army and her favourite weapon is a M60 machine gun and only joined PUP because she needed the money.

This week she showed her true character to the nation.  As a ratio guest, Lambie said she is looking for a man and she has only two requirements - "They must have heaps of cash and they've got to have a package between their legs, let's be honest" she said.

In response to her bizarre statement, 22 year old Jamie rang up and wanted a date.  "Do you have heaps of cash?" she asked and then "Are you well hung?"  Jamie responded "like a donkey" and the radio studio erupted into hysterical laughter.

But the single mother of two insisted she was just "taking the mickey" out of her non-existent love life.  "I won't be scripted, I'm sorry, I can't operate like that" she said.  "I'm just a normal, average Australian, that's what I am and whether I've got Senator in front of my name or not, that's not going to change."

But one thing's for sure, everyone in the country knows who she is.