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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rolf Harris guilty on all counts

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Rolf Harris believed that because the British people loved him so well, nobody would believe the silly little girls' testimonies, and anyway, it was too long ago to be relevant.

But the jury did believe them and the 84 year old's past finally caught up with him.  He was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault.

He was so sure he would get off, he put on a show for the court. Prosecutor Sasha Wass said "Yesterday you delighted us with a demonstration of your many talents - the Prosecution does not suggest for a moment that you are anything but a brilliant, polished performer, but this case, as you know, is not a talent show. This case is taking place to decide whether beneath your friendly, lovable exterior, there is a darker side lurking."

Prosecutor Sasha Wass

Rolf Harris hails from Bassendean, a suburb of Perth.  In St Georges Terrace,  the main street of Perth which runs parellel to the Swan River, there is a plaque honouring Harris which is about to be ripped up.  

His boyhood school is removing his paintings and Edith Cowan University will decide whether or not to strip him of his honorary doctorate next month.  "Honorary doctorates are awarded and rescinded only by the University Council" a spokesman said. "The council meets next in August."

"The boy from Bassendean" is now a dirty word.  The council didn't bother to wait for the verdict to remove Harris' portrait from the Bassendean chambers. "We decided it should be taken down last May" Councillor Lewis said.  "However, a painting showing his parents' old weatherboard home backing onto the Swan River still hangs in the council foyer - I'm still in two minds but I'm thinking that art is art and criminal activities are criminal activities."

He went on "If you go back in history, movies made by an American movie producer, the one who isn't allowed back into the country otherwise he'll be arrested, they don't ban his movies to be shown in America because it's quite separate from what the man does."

Police mugshot

Rolf Harris is a paedophile who believed he would never get caught and it took a British court and several brave women to prove him wrong. He will be sentenced on Friday.