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Friday, July 25, 2014

Putin's daughter lives in Holland

President Putin's daughter Mary is living with her Dutch boyfriend in the suburb of Voorschoten, outside The Hague and some citizens of the grieving country aren't happy about it.  Her boyfriend, Jorrit Faassen, is a senior executive who has held jobs at Russia's state-owned Gazprom Energy and pipeline manufacturer Stroytransgaz.

There has been angry talk of kicking her out of the country but residents of the town where she lives don't agree. "Why should she leave?" said Arnaud, the local postman.  "Her father is a strange man, a frightening man, and it is so terrible that his support for the war in Ukraine has led to this - but we have nothing against her."

The apartment building where she lives is home to wealthy doctors, lawyers and other professionals, most of whom claim they have never seen her.  But an elderly man watering his plants said "Yes, they live here, and every day we see them on their bicycles going to the shops."

Putin has always tried to protect his children from the media and was furious when a photo of Maria turned up on Facebook.  It was quickly grabbed by a Ukrainian website and reposted around the world.

So like it or not, Putin's daughter is now involved in his fight to keep Ukraine within his control.  And we know he could stop the fighting if he wanted to, he just doesn't want to.