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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sweden won't cancel Julian Assange's arrest warrant

Imagine being shut up inside a building for two years and not allowed to venture outside?  Most people would go stir crazy.  And it seems it finally got to Julian Assange because he appealed to Swedish authorities to cancel his arrest warrant for sexual offences against two women.  But they haven't changed their mind, a Swedish female judge this week upheld the warrant for his arrest.

It must be a terrible thing to be so afraid you would resort to such extreme measures, but he still clings to the belief that if he were extradited to Sweden, he will be sent to the US and thrown into jail.

Although he has been granted asylum by Ecuador, he faces immediate arrest the moment he steps outside the building. Three Scotland Yard officers stand guard 24/7 - one officer stands on the steps and the others question visitors leaving in case it's Assange in disguise.

The embassy takes up a single floor of an imposing building behind Harrods.  Because he doesn't have access to direct sunlight, a specially adapted lamp mimics sunlight in his living quarters - a single room 15ft x 13 ft.  A treadmill stands by the fireplace.

So what is he going to do?  Now that he knows Sweden won't budge, he has two choices.  Continue his charade within the embassy or man up and face the music.