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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Igor the Terrible

Born Igor Strelkov in 1970, raised in Moscow and also known as Igor the Terrible, this man is the self-proclaimed leader of pro-Russian rebels calling themselves the "Donetsk People's Republic." 

And he has a dream - to see the re-emergence of a mighty Russian Empire.

Like his esteemed leader, Vladimir Putin, he believes the west is "decadent" and is hell bent on provoking as much bloodshed and chaos in the Ukraine as possible and things were going along pretty well for him, until yesterday.

This madman has claimed responsibility for shooting down the Malaysian passenger plane via European social media site VK.  "We just downed an AN-26 near Torez, it's down near the Progress Mine" said the VK page attributed to Mr Strelkov.

A Twitter account for the "Donesk People's Republic" issued several posts claiming to have seized a missile system from the Ukrainian Army. 

"@dnrpress: self propelled Buk surface-to-air missile systems have been seized by the DNR from (Ukrainian) surface-to-air missile regiment A1402" the Twitter post read.  Military analysists say the Buk medium range surface-to-air missile is the weapon most likely used to bring down MH17.

A post attributed to Mr Strelkov appeared, but was later removed from the same account.  It read "We warned you, do not fly in our sky."  The post included a video link confirming that a "bird fell" and showed footage of black smoke rising on the horizon.