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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Muslim father in Sydney court over sharia wedding

It's incredible to think that a man living in Australia today could possibly think that his 12 year old daughter was ready for marriage. Yet this Muslim convert married his child off to a 26 year old Lebanese man in the lounge room of his house without a second thought.

He told his child that sharia law "overrides" Australian law which is rubbish because nothing overrides Australian law.  Both the father and the university student were charged with child sex offences.

Dressed in traditional Islamic dress, the child's father of seven fronted Burwood court yesterday and was committed to stand trial in the Sydney District Court.  He is charged with procuring a child for sex and accessory before the fact to sexual intercourse with a child.

To obtain welfare benefits, the family tried to get the husband registered as her legal guardian and that's when authorities pounced.

The 26 year old groom was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child after admitting he had sex with the girl every day since the sham marriage took place in the Hunter Valley. His case is still before the court and he is being held at Villawood Detention Centre after his student visa was revoked.

The child bride, who is now 13 and her 8 year old sister remain in the care of the Department of Community Services.