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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sydney Lord Mayor sculpture fail

Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore confirmed yesterday what we already knew - she's completely lost her marbles.  The lady thinks a huge spiral looming above the city called "the cloud", birds on poles and a giant plastic milk crate is art.  She's about to spend $9 million on three sculptures that will leave people shaking their heads for eternity.

She's wasting this money because she's got plenty of it.  City of Sydney Council can well afford to splurge $9 million because they have a $600 million surplus in the bank.  She said the sculptures were an "investment" that was needed to bolster visitor numbers with George Street about to be torn up next year for a light rail system.

With so much cash in the bank, what about building some more homeless shelters Madam Mayor?  That's where they all congregate, in your neighbourhood, right under your nose - you must have to step over them as you move around the city.

Ms Moore actually believes these monstrosities will become the world's most recognizable structures, just like the Eiffel Tower. "Great art around the world can really put a city on the map - you only have to think of the Eiffel Tower in Paris as an example and our own Opera House" she said.  Hello?

Japanese artist Junya Ishigami's steel Cloud Arch sculpture will soar up to 75 metres into the air near Town Hall and form a gateway into George Street.

Tracey Emin

London-based Tracey Emin was another lucky finalist. Sydney will be adorned with her bronze birds, dotted about doorways, awnings and on poles in the central business district's north.

But the milk crate has to take the cake.  Egyptian-born, Sydney-based Hany Armanious will leave a legacy to Sydney of an ugly fibreglass "milk crate" sculpture at Belmore Park.

"People know the Sydney Opera House, they know the Harbour Bridge and in future they'll know the cloud" the Lord Mayor said.

Already, social media has declared it a very bad joke, which is what it is.