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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jamie Briggs career cut short

A furious Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull told his Minister for Cities, Jamie Briggs to resign just before Christmas, after a young female staffer made a complaint in writing.  She said he tried to kiss her in a bar late at night during an overseas trip to Hong Kong.

But his wife, Ms Fiebiger Briggs, who once worked for John Howard, isn't upset, in fact she's taken it so well, she posted this family photo and thinks that the PM over-reacted.

But Mr Turnbull will not be moved.  He said yesterday "His conduct did not live up to the standard required of ministers.  As a consequence, he reflected on that and made a decision to resign which I accepted and it was the appropriate course of action."

Despite Briggs supporting Tony Abbott in the leadership challenge, Turnbull still put him in his ministry as Minister for Cities which says a lot about his personality.

After the ballot on the night Tony Abbott was rolled, the ex PM had a party in his office and Briggs was cautioned for behaving badly while dancing and a marble table got smashed.  He turned up next day in a wheelchair.

He finally admitted he tried to tackle Abbott.  "Well, look, I went to tackle him, I ran at him and missed, and the rest is history" he said.

So reading between the lines, Jamie Briggs is a popular fellow, liked by his peers and his wife isn't even upset.

So we will never know if the young staffer over-reacted or not.