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Monday, December 7, 2015

Tiger Woods and ex-wife now best friends

It's taken six years but it looks like Tiger has succeeded in getting back into his ex-wife's good books and  now refers to Elin Nordegren as his 'best friend.'   He had a serious talk with his children about why mummy and daddy are no longer living together, telling them it was because he made some serious mistakes.

"I just wanted them to understand before they get to internet age and they log on to something or have their friends tell them something...I want it to come from me, so that when they come of age, I'll tell them the real story.  I was to blame, so I'm taking the initiative with the kids."

However, he said he wouldn't change what happened in 2009 when his 12 mistresses were revealed but wishes he had been more open with his Swedish ex-wife.  "Having the relationship I have now with her is fantastic, she's one of my best friends...we are able to pick up the phone and talk to each other all the time.  We both know that the most important things in our lives are our kids."

"I wish I had known that back then."

He's resigned to the fact that his career may be over because of back surgery for a pinched nerve. "I've reconciled myself to it" he said.