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Monday, December 14, 2015

New UK Visa rules for Australians

New Visa rules that come into effect in the UK next year is a shock to the system as thousands of Australian workers will have to leave the country. Two thirds of businesses surveyed said it would "significantly impact their ability and willingness to recruit Australians."

So it looks like our unique UK/Australia bond is over and it's all because of the EU's open border policy.

In 2011, there was an influx of skilled and semi-skilled workers coming from eastern Europe and elsewhere in the EU so the British decided to put a cap of only 20,000 skilled workers from outside the EU allowed to take up residency.

The Australian government tried to change their minds but so far, they will not be moved.  They said if they make an exception for Australia, they would have to made the same exception for other Commonwealth countries.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who studied in Melbourne in his youth, said he would take the case to David Cameron for consideration.  

But I fear it is already a done deal.