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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Police fail domestic violence victim

After all the publicity and money spent on a campaign to stop violence against women and children, NSW police have been accused of dismissing the brutal bashing of 19 year old Ashlee Savins.  They allegedly told her there was not enough evidence to convict her 21 year old boyfriend Justin Toro because he said she hurt herself when she fell on her face.

On Friday night in the Sydney suburb of Oxley Park, Ashley said Justin Toro punched her twice in the face and once on the side of her head, breaking her nose and chipping her teeth.

Her housemate Ellie Sutton was shocked when Ashlee came into her room covered in blood, and they immediately called police.

The police who responded to their 000 call were very supportive and interviewed Ashley from her bed at the Nepean Hospital but the next day she was horrified to learn that her boyfriend denied the assault and it was her word against his.

Pictures of her bloody face and a report from her dentist stating that her injuries could not have been the result of a fall, were not enough evidence to pursue the case any further, police allegedly said.

Ms Savins has several messages from Toro begging her not to tell anyone and blamed her for not allowing him to "vent."

"Ashlee, please don't tell anyone I can't get done for this I'll lose everything" Toro said in a private message to her on Facebook.

But when housemate Ellie Sutton posted an angry message on a user-generated Facebook page for St Marys Local Area Command with the images of Ashlee's face, there was a miraculous change of attitude.

In a statement to the media, a spokesman for NSW Police said "Police are investigating the full circumstances surrounding the alleged domestic assault that occurred about 12.45 am on Saturday 12 December 2015 at an address in Oxley Park."

Ashlee Savins before the attack

"Both parties have been formally interviewed and follow-up enquiries are continuing with the investigation.

Ashlee said "I had to do this for myself and every other woman who goes through this or will potentially go through this."

Well done Ashlee.