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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Yolanda and David Foster marriage over

Despite rapidly growing numbers of Australians being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, the prevailing viewpoint within the Australian medical community is that "there is no evidence of Lyme disease in Australia."

The Lyme Disease Association of Australia thanked Senator John Madigan for his continued efforts to have Lyme and Lyme-like disease recognised in Australia.  Senator Madigan, with the support of Senators Wang, Leyonhjelm, Day, Lazarus, Lambie, Xenophon and McKenzie successfully secured a motion to establish a senate enquiry into the debilitating illness.

And it's about time.  People with this disease are being portrayed as attention-seeking hypochondriacs like Yolanda Foster who has just announced her split from 65 year old David Foster, after only four years of marriage.

The popular star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is devastated and anonymous associates of the couple are saying David got fed up with her illness.

However, she admitted that she and Foster had been growing apart in recent years which led to the split.  "It's just life...I'm sure you've all witnessed a break-up, my health, his job, the children, is overwhelming for's a lot of work to keep it all together.

As an older Australian, I know all about how deadly ticks can be. Removing ticks from family, friends and pets over the years is a common occurrence for most people who enjoy life outdoors and two pet dogs died as a result of finding the tick too late.

So when Yolanda Foster says she is going to concentrate all her efforts into getting well so she can "teach the world a lesson about Lyme Disease", I wish her all the luck in the world.