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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve Spectacular fireworks

Fortunato Foti and his family have been responsible for the spectacular Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve fireworks for fifteen years and this year, another member of the family, Angie, has joined the team.

Her older sister Elena 21 - who has already taken part in two New Year spectaculars - has taken her under her wing to show her the ropes.

NYE Fireworks Director Fortunato Foti with his daughters Elena, left, and Angie

"My two girls are working on it, which is pretty special for me, and they are now the eighth generation" the proud father said yesterday.

Angie had to finish school before she was allowed to become part of the team.  "I've just turned 18 so I had to wait" she said.  "I've been waiting and waiting and it's finally here."

"I was on the bridge yesterday for the first time, it was exciting...I went up to the top to set up the whole north side...I'm Elanor's apprentice, her sidekick, I've been plugging in and loading mortars" Angie said.

"Being the boss's daughters, we get labelled, so dad makes sure you work extra hard to prove we are equal to everyone else" Elena said. "Not many people can say they work with explosives."