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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brokenhearted Pony

Mini-Moo (front) and Minty

Mrs Gibbons, 65, who owns the Tamar Valley Donkey Park in Cornwell, UK said that a 25 year old, one eyed Shetland pony named Minty was distraught and heartbroken when his long time companion Lulu died earlier this year. He kept whinnying for her and was overcome with grief.

They tried to get him interested in some of the donkeys at the park but he just wasn’t interested.

Then they had the idea of looking for a new friend on the Internet and found Mini-Moo, a 5 year old miniature Shetland.

'Minty is a different pony all of a sudden. He immediately stopped moping and moaning. It was amazing - a match made in heaven.' said Mrs Gibbons.

Despite the age difference, the pair are now inseparable.