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Friday, November 21, 2008

Holocaust never happened, says Fredrik Toben

Toben with former Ambassador to Australia Tom Schiefer

Australian Fredrik Toben, the man who denies the Holocaust ever happened has won his battle with the German Government to extradite him from Britain.

The Germans appealed against a British court's refusal to exradite him to Germany after he was arrested at Heathrow Airport on October 1 for racism. Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany which carries a jail sentence of up to five years. The German lawyers wanted him extradited so he could be put on trial for posting anti-Semitic material on the internet between 2000 and 2004 in Australia, Germany and other countries.

But Westminster Magistrates Court district judge Daphne Wickham ruled there were only "sparse" details about Dr Toben's offences, in other words, there was not enough evidence to support the extradition and agreed with Toben's lawyers that the arrest warrant was fatally flawed.

However, after granting Dr Toben bail, the judge laid down a set of strict conditions. He must pay 100,000 pouds cash as security, he must live at at an address approved by authorities, report daily to the police, not use the internet, speak to the media or attend any public meetings.

Is this sufficient punishment for an insane man spreading hatred at every opportunity, I don't think so.