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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Kingdom of Yahweh

Now it seems we have another cult on the horizon but unlike Hubbard’s Scientology declaring themselves a church which enables them to receive millions of tax free donations, this one doesn’t call itself a religion but a school. Although American in origin, it has turned up in the most unlikely place – Melbourne, Australia.

Members are driving around Melbourne in uninsured and unregistered vehicles and are suspected of hoarding unregistered weapons.

They insist that because of their beliefs, they are not required to pay for a driver’s license or to register their motor vehicle and disregard the fact that you need a license to own and possess a gun.

So the bottom line is we have a lot of nut cases driving around on Victorian roads without registration or insurance, and likely to be carrying a gun.

They are in fact a complete mystery, they don’t associate themselves with any terrorist movement and don’t preach violence.

Police Inspector McDonald said "They have their own interesting view of the world, they actually regard themselves as quite law-abiding, it's just that they don't accept the sovereignty of the parliament as you or I would,'' he said. From the literature:

"The Kingdom of Yahweh . . . .

. . . at the present time, does not fully include the Earth. This is only because Yahweh has allowed Satan (source of human nature) to have temporary control over the Earth. This is not to say that YHWH has no power over the Earth and / or all of His Creation. YHWH's power and Authority are Supreme, but YHWH Himself has limited His Kingdom (not His Power) to the Heavens beyond the Earth for now.

However, when the Sabbath Millennium begins and Messiah Yahshua (not Christ) joins the others (First Fruit or Chosen Few) resurrected from their corruptible bodies in and on the Earth, then will YHWH's Kingdom be established "On the Earth," and Messiah Yahshua and Yahweh's Chosen Few (Elect or First Fruits) will reign for a thousand years.

After the thousand years are up, Satan (human nature) will (once again) be released from his spiritual prison (to tempt mankind once again) for a short 100 year period; then the "Great White Throne Judgment" will occur."

Confused? Me too.