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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mile High Club

Google is such an important part of our lives these days, just type in a couple of words and up comes the information we are looking for in a matter of seconds. You’ve probably said “Hang on a minute, I’ll Google it” a hundred times.

But an angry wife relates what she says is a true story of how her husband became a member of the ‘Mile High Club’ and says that Google played a major part in ruining her marriage.

Her husband was returning to the UK in economy class and was seated next to a 27 year old blonde. While others slept, they were chatting away so intently that the hostess told them they might like to continue their discussion in first class where they eventually had sex.

He then said goodbye and left the plane, only telling her his first name and what he did for a living. Never expecting to see her again he was surprised when two weeks later a letter arrived at his office from her with her phone number, which he rang. And so began an intense affair that lasted for several months.

Of course the wife blames her husband but she also blames Google. ‘In the days before Google, sex with a stranger on a plane could have gone no further. A mere first name and an occupation would not have been enough even for the most determined Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, unless she had the wit secretly to follow the cab from the airport’, she said.

Not anymore luv, now you know he’s a rat, it’s time to move on.