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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Japanese man living in airport terminal

Hiroshi Nohara doesn't know why he's been sleeping rough in Terminal 2 of the Benito Jurarez International Airport in Mexico City for the past 3 months but he doesn't have any plans to leave.

At first he was frightening people and the Japanese embassy was asked to investigate why the smelly man wouldn't move on but his visa is valid and doesn't expire until early March so he has a legal right to be there.

It seems he's enjoying his celebrity status and is happy to give television interviews and pose for photographs with tourists. He sleeps on a chair and survives on food provided by strangers and various stalls holders.

Meanwhile his appearance continues to deteriorate and he smells like a man who hasn't washed for months. An airport janitor said he was a calm person who just sat in the food hall all day and ate.

He said the Tom Hanks movie "The Terminal" was not his inspiration.