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Monday, May 6, 2013

An old man and a naked child at Balmoral

Leo made the wrong decision when he allowed his six year old granddaughter Emma to swim naked at Balmoral Beach last week.  He was minding the little girl for her parents.

They hadn't planned on going swimming when they set out, so Emma didn't have a swimming costume, but when she asked her grandfather if she could go swimming, he said yes.  And that's when the trouble started.  Someone rang the police and said there was an old man and a naked little girl at the beach.

I guess we must give Leo the benefit of the doubt because he's old, and may not be aware of the sheer terror parents have about paedophiles, but he should have.

"We hadn't packed her swimming costume, but she was in one of her determined moods so I certainly wouldn't have dared to say no" Leo said.  I can relate to that completely but it still doesn't make it right. They arrived at lunchtime and Emma quickly stripped off all her clothes and frolicked in the water.  Just as Leo was helping her get dressed, the police turned up because someone had made a complaint - there was an old man and a naked little girl at the beach.

"They wanted my name, they took my identification, they also talked to Emma and asked her name and date of birth" Leo said.  But when police realized it was a false alarm, they let it go, but Leo won't, he wants to make a big deal out of it and meet the person who made the complaint.  And now Emma's mother is also carrying on. "This child was in her element, who could have complained about that?" 

Well I don't know where you come from lady but sadly, the days of letting little children frolic naked on the beach are long gone.  It's a different world now and parents are too afraid to let their children go alone into a public toilet.  You need to educate yourself about paedophilia and get over it.