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Friday, May 17, 2013

Psychic made client fall in love

A 50 year old British man, Jim Gotobed, did what hundreds of people do every day, he couldn't resist the temptation to visit a psychic to have his fortune told.  He told the court that Tracie Long 48, hypnotized him and made him fall in love with her, and after each Tarot session, he came out 'more deeply in love' than ever.

She told him they were soul mates and would eventually marry but the trouble was, he was already married with two children, and had been for 25 years. When she insisted they were meant to be together, he divorced his wife.

After 10 months, Ms Long grew tired of the affair and ended it.  He was devastated and began harassing her with constant texts and phone calls and even threatened to kill her.  Then he got angry and spoke to a local newspaper and reported her to the Spiritual Workers Association. That's when she charged him with harassment and they ended up in court yesterday.

On the first reading of the cards, she said he had a 'dark force' about him which related to his marriage and he should get a quick divorce. The cards also showed 'a need for money' and he should 'unburden himself'.  So he sold his racing car, his guns and guitars.

But wait - there's more!  Mr Gotobed also arranged for his salary to be paid into her bank account and left his job because she said he wasn't earning enough.  Then Mr Gotobed made the understatement of the century, he said "I know I was gullible and she was only after my money."

Yesterday at the Chelmsford Magistrates' Court, the judges believed Mr Gotobed's version of events and thought Ms Long had been 'evasive' in her testimony, whereas Mr Gotobed had been 'honest, straightforward and convincing.'

But there's a happy ending.  The wife he divorced has taken him back and they plan to remarry.  Interestingly, the Psychic Workers Association's investigation concluded that Ms Long had not broken its ethical code or breached consumer protection regulations - and reinstated her membership.