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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maajid Nawaz's book about Islamic terrorism in UK

Maajid Nawaz has written a book called My Journey From Islamist Extremism to Democratic Awakening.  He must be either crazy or very brave because he's told us what goes on inside Islamic terror cells that are tearing Britain apart.  He spent 13 years inside Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), the Islamist organization that spawned the banned group founded by Omar Bakri Muhammud and Anjem Choudary.

Maajid Nawaz

He says that not all young British Muslims join terror groups because they can't get a job or are socially awkward loners - he had plenty of friends and great career opportunities.  In 1995 he was president of the Student Union at Newham College in East Ham which is a front for HT, and was able to siphon off money for their cause.  

They were encouraged by Omar Bakri to form street gangs and prowl around London streets which they did, fighting Indian Sikhs in the west, African Christians in the east and intimidating Muslim women until they wore the hijab. And when a member of his gang stabbed Nigerian student, Ayotunde Obanubi, shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great), he watched him die and felt nothing.

Sydney protest 2012

He was confused and didn't know if he was British, Pakistani or Muslim and at age 16, he was recruited by a member of HT who sold him the idiology of Islamism which is totally different from Islam.  Islamism, he says, is the desire to impose a version of this ancient faith over society and to achieve this aim, they use political grievances to alienate vulnerable young Muslims.  He sums it up nicely by saying "Preying on grievances of the disaffected young men is the bedrock of Islamism."

Injured Sydney police in 2012

Mr Nawaz's group kept the hate alive by preaching in the streets of Britain.  He told the British people they were responsible for occupying their lands and that Muslims are the victims of this terrible crime, something that's hard to deny.

Harold Wilson

When President Bush over-reacted to 9/11 and charged into Iraq, Tony Blair was quick to join him and so were we.  But Labor PM Harold Wilson didn't succumb to pressure from America to send troops to Vietnam in the 60's, he wouldn't have a bar of it and proved that you can still remain friends with the US and stay out of trouble.

Maajid Nawaz admits to setting up terror cells in Denmark and Pakistan where they targeted army officers to incite military coupes.  He tried to do the same thing in Egypt in 2001 but was arrested and sentenced to five years in Mazra Tora prison.

And that's when he had an epiphany.  In prison, he came in contact with kind strangers, especially Amnesty International, whose campaign to get him out was led by an 80 year old in England - someone he didn't know, and never met.

If you can believe the rumours, Muslim inmates are at the top of the pecking order in British jails and not only intimidate other prisoners, but prison guards as well.

Full Sutton is a maximum security prison in Yorkshire and houses some of the most dangerous category A and B inmates in the UK, including dozens of terrorists.  Last Sunday, three Muslim inmates assaulted two prison guards, a man and a woman.  The female guard was slashed as she tried to stop them dragging her colleague away but they took him to a cleaning room and beat him severely, breaking his cheekbone.  After four hours, he was rescued by prison guards in full riot gear when they stormed the room.

Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai

Two days ago, 23 year old Sydney man Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai  was arrested at his apartment in Auburn.  He's charged with making a threatening phone call to a Commonwealth official on May 2. The court heard that he threatened to "crack your neck" and "slit your throat."  He is also due to be sentenced on Friday in an unrelated matter involving the ram-raid of an ATM on Sydney's north shore.

Australia's Defence Chief General David Hurley warned all military personnel to be aware of possible copy-cat attacks and not to reveal too much about themselves on social media.

Our politicians from both sides keep telling us not to worry, Muslims are a minority, give them a fair go, they are good people, but when we see the news, we know that someone is telling porkies.