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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Andrew Johns must give evidence

Lawyer, Chris Murphy

Celebrity lawyer Chris Murphy is acting for jockey Allan Robinson, one of the main players in the debacle over inside information about John Singleton's horse More Joyous.  He doesn't like Gai Waterhouse or her family, and it shows.  

Jockey, Allan Robinson

Yesterday he said "The snobbery of racing's royal family ....(the Waterhouses)....makes me sick - for a trainer to look down on him (Robinson), even the word 'little' jockey - as though they're some superior form of life that trains horses. Gai is a failed actress who married a perjurer."

Eddie Hayson

Murphy was quoting Gai Waterhouse who said on Monday that the whole affair was a storm in a teacup, based on whispers and involved "a trumped up little jockey, a brothel owner and a football player."  She was referring to jockey Allan Robinson, Eddie Hayson, owner of Sydney's biggest brothel, and Rugby League legend Andrew Johns.

Andrew Johns

Gai was obviously furious when she told Singleton "It's an absolute disgrace - you're an absolute sham, John, you really are. They are the people who are discrediting my son, husband and me and they won't show their faces."

And it's true.  When the story first broke, all three men said they had information before the race that More Joyous was "off" but when the chips were down and they were asked to front an inquiry, they headed for the hills.

John Singleton

Now Johns has been told he must attend the inquiry, set down for next week.  He has to get off the fence and make a decision - does he help his good mate John Singleton or Sydney's racing elite - bookie Tom Waterhouse and his mother?

We watch and wait with interest.