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Friday, May 10, 2013

Online plan of revenge

Lee David Clayworth 35, a Canadian teacher, says his career has been ruined by his ex girlfriend who called him a psychopath and even worse, a paedophile online and sent nude pictures to 'cheater' websites.  He's been trying to get a job since January and believes online posts and pictures have turned off potential employers and she's effectively ruined his life.

He alleges that Lee Ching Yan 29, cyberstalked him for almost two and a half years after their relationship ended and he now thinks she's living in Australia.  They met in Malaysia in 2010 and after dating for several months, broke up in December 2010.

Clayworth alleges Yan broke into his home, took his laptop, hard drive and other personal information and started an online plan of revenge. When he did a Google search of his name, he was horrified to see profiles saying he was a psychopath and having sex with underage students.

A Malaysian judge found Yan guilty of defamation and ordered her to pay him $66,000 in damages in 2011, and when she still refused to stop, the judge ordered her to to be jailed for contempt of court, but she quickly fled the country.  The court also told search engine providers Google, Yahoo and Bing to block Clayworth's name from their search engines, but they said this was impossible.

"Even if we did remove the name, it would not make the content disappear from other places on the web, since Google's search results are a reflection of the content and information that is available on the web" Google's Wendy Bairos said. "Users who want content removed should contact the webmasters of the page directly."

But Clayworth said he has contacted webmasters and had the posts taken down, but Yan puts them up again so many sites are still active.

As well as nude pictures, they show a picture of Clayworth with the caption "child lover" and "pedophile" underneath.  Another post reads "Would you want this man teaching your children?"  She also hacked into his email accounts and posing as Clayworth, sent messages to all his contacts, admitting he had sex with underage students.

Clayworth returned to Vancouver in January after his teaching contract with the Malaysian school ended and since then, he can't find anyone willing to take him on.  He even went to Vancouver police to get an international arrest warrant but no hope there,  Canadian authorities are only able to get a Canadian-wife warrant for the arrest, which is useless because he thinks she is now in Australia.

"Everything that was digital and saved in my life - whether it was on the hard drive or the laptop - is at the disposal of this woman, it will never will go on and on" he said.  "I feel not only shut out of my profession, but any job I apply for.  It's a very, very dark place to be.... and I am powerless."