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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Australian boy holds severed head

Khaled Sharrouf's picture of his son holding a bloody severed head has disgusted everyone it seems, except his relatives in Sydney.  His brother said we should simply "forget" about it.  "He's gone, forget about it, he's forgotten youse, I'm sure you've seen much worse than that."

Khaled Sharrouf left Australia last year using his brother Mostafa's passport and took his four children with him to Syria and Iraq where he joined the fighting with ISIS.  Sharrouf is currently Australia's most wanted terrorist.

Sharrouf and his sons

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said yesterday that the shocking image of his son, believed to be seven years old, showed "the kind of hideous atrocities this group is capable of."  It's believed the photo was taken in July in the north eastern Syrian town of Raqqa.

Mohammed Elomar

Another Sydney man,  former boxer Mohammed Elomar recently posted photos of himself and Sharouff holding severed heads with a caption that read "few more heads how lovely bludy amazing stuff."

Yet anti-terrorism laws that the PM wants to bring in later this month are being slammed by Islamic groups, the Labor Party and the Greens.

The Australian National Imams Council has vowed to "vigorously campaign" against the proposals.

"The ANIC believes that the proposed changes to the anti-terrorism laws will severely impinge on the rights and freedoms of all Australians and especially those of Muslim faith," the council said in a statement. 

 And so it goes.