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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Julian Assange told to 'man up'

George Brandis

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis thinks Julian Assange should be "man enough" to deal with the sexual assault allegations against him.  It's a no brainer, the longer this charade goes on, the sillier he looks. His terror of being jailed by the Americans has turned him into a pathetic, cowardly figure who believes it's everyone's fault but his own. 

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino was sitting with Assange during his press conference and judging by the look on his face, he's well and truly worn out his welcome.  "The situation has gone on too long" he said.  "Two years is too long."

The British and Swedish governments have declined to provide assurances that he will not be extradicted to the US and the Australian government refuse to make any representations on his behalf.

Last night at a hearing in Stockholm, prosecutors demanded that the warrant issued for his arrest in 2010 should be upheld.  Even though he had rock star status and women were throwing themselves at him at the time, two women he had sex with went to police.

Asked what "leaving the embassy very soon" meant he said "there have been many significant developments that are likely to result in a much faster resolution."

I wonder if  Julian ever thinks about Bradley Manning, who wouldn't hurt a fly, rotting away in his jail cell.

Being confined to a small room with all the comforts of home for two years isn't quite the same thing.