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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My flag is the flag of Allah

Mohammed Junaid Thorne is half Aboriginal and lives in Perth. He's a radical Muslim preacher and this week he's visiting Sydney to conduct "spiritual healing."  He has ties to the Australian branch of the Millatu Ibrahim group which is banned in Germany.

Mohammed Junaid Thorne

He and Melbourne preacher Musa Cerantonio are supporters of the Islamic State and their online sermons have attracted a dedicated audience.  Both men have preached at the al-Risalah Islamic Centre in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown.

Musa Cerantonio

Wissam Haddad who is the head of the centre said recently that he had no connection to the Australian flag but follows the "flag of Allah", the same one used by Islamic state terrorists who are leaving a trail of decapitated heads in their wake.

al-Risalah Islamic Centre 

There is no picture of Mr Haddad available on the internet, he avoids appearing in public and refuses to be photographed.

I wonder if he realizes the gravity of his words when he said "I'm not comfortable personally holding the (Australian) flag because it does not represent me as a Muslim. My flag is the flag of Allah, for me to have the Shahada flag as it's called, that's the flag that I stand and live and die for and I don't stand and live and die for the Australian flag."

We get the message loud and clear Mr Haddad and wonder why the government refuses to allow you to leave and help your "brothers" in the Middle East.  It's only fair that you should be allowed to go and fight for whoever you want to and give up your Australian citizenship, on that we can agree.

Mr Haddad and his friends can keep on saying how much they hate Australia because the law says they can. They aren't in any danger of arrest because of free speech and there's not a thing we can do about it.

Surely it's about time we changed the law.