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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nine year old girl kills instructor with Uzi

There was a terrible accident in Arizona this week when a 9 year old girl accidently killed her instructor, Charles Vacca, who was teaching her how to use a machine gun.  It happened at a popular tourist hub at Bullets and Burgers gun range in Arizona and this info is taken from their website. 

The Bullets and Burgers Adventure is a private outdoor range set in a stunning outdoor desert landscape. We separate ourselves from all other Las Vegas ranges with our unique 'Desert Storm' atmosphere and military style bunkers. We are located on the eclectic 30+ acre Arizona Last Stop property surrounded by picturesque mountain views at the edge of the undeveloped Lake Mead Recreational Area.

Our guests have the opportunity to fire a wide range of fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons. You will choose the guns which you want to shoot from our extensive collection and we provide the eye/ear protection, ammunition, and expert guidance. Our guests have an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of machine guns. Click here to view all of our available guns. Our 50 Cal. selections includes the Barrett Sniper Rifle, the Browning BMG .50 Cal ('the deuce'), and the Desert Eagle. We even have the actual firearms used in several Hollywood hits including The Terminator and Rambo II.

To top it off, lunch is included inside the the World Famous Arizona Last Stop restaurant located onsite. You will be treated with the World Famous All American Hamburger, fresh cut french fries, and a drink. The All American Burger is guaranteed to be the best hamburger you have ever eaten.
The Bullets and Burgers Adventure is approximately 4 - 5.5 hours in length from scheduled pickup to drop-off back at your hotel. Helicopter upgrades are available.  Please see our Helicopter Adventure Page.

I feel very sorry for Americans who sincerely want to change their gun laws, but I fear they are fighting a losing battle.  When the American Constitution was being drawn up and the right to bear arms was included, they had no way of knowing what the future would bring.  But they know now, and there's not a thing they can do about it.