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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Comanchero bikie accused of standover tactics

Norm Meyer: Comachero Sergeant-at-arms of Williamstown Chapter, labourer on building sites.

Master Builders Association federal vice-president Trevor Evans was at home in Melbourne when three Comanchero members barged into his house, demanding payment for a subcontractor who said that Mr Evans owed him money.  In 2011, Hells Angels had been used by a subcontractor in a stand-over bid on a senior manager of building company Hansen Yuncken.

But hang on a minute, what does this say about building companies who refuse to pay subcontractors for work done in good faith, they get away with it all the time.  The little battler takes the job on, works his guts out completing it on time, puts his bill in and the company deliberately ignores it. What is he to do?

Well, he could go down the legal path which is painfully slow and expensive or he could hire a debt collector, one that gets results.  Why should his life be ruined because some crooked builder decides not to pay him?

Police have confirmed they are investigating claims of corruption in the building industry and that could be very true, but I'd want more information on this one before passing an opinion.