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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Putin's humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Yesterday Moscow said that a convoy of 300 Russian trucks were bound for Ukraine carrying humanitarian aid.  Ukraine was so shocked, they couldn't believe it and called it Putin's Trojan Horse - a trick to invade Ukraine. 

Under no circumstances would Russian vehicles be allowed on Ukranian soil and any attempt to do so would be considered an act of aggression.

President Putin's motives have everyone guessing.  The pro-Russian rebels who are fighting in Eastern Ukraine have been losing town after town to Ukrainian forces and were hoping their President would send them more weapons and soldiers, not medical supplies.

The President's press secretary said it was "absurd" to suspect that the Russian convoy was anything else but a pure humanitarian mission.

But wait, there's been a development.  Yesterday afternoon, Ukraine confirmed that the cargo would be reloaded onto vehicles rented by the Red Cross at the border and will be under the control of Ukrainian officials.

Let's hope this goodwill gesture from Moscow will lead to talks of peace between the two countries.