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Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Gammy's parents on 60 Minutes

Gammy's parents were on 60 Minutes last night.  They must have thought it would make a difference to how the general public feel about them, but it didn't.

David Farnell admitted they hadn't called to check on Gammy's welfare, nor did they extend their Thai visas to be with him or ask authorities or the agency for help in bringing him back to Australia. 

He also admitted that when they found out that Gammy had Downs Syndrome, they rang the agency to "take responsibility." He wanted his money back and told them "this is your fault."

The surrogate mother said both David and Wendy Farnell did not even look at their son or buy milk for him and have never called to find out how he is.  David said since returning home, they have sent some money, but "can't remember how much."

But that's not the main issue here.  David Farnell is a convicted child sex offender and shouldn't have been allowed to enter into a surrogacy agreement in the first place.  If the surrogacy agency in Thailand had done their job properly, this man wouldn't have this baby girl under his control.

In tears he said he would "get out" of the lives of his wife and daughter if it meant Pipah could remain in Australia.  But that's rubbish because we know that paedophiles can't be rehabilitated and he will somehow worm his way back into the family and the child will be ultimately at risk.

"I've been convicted of child sex offences and I hang my head in shame for that and I'm deeply regretful of that... I was convicted and went to jail and when I got out I thought.....I need to face everybody and face what I did."

"When did the sexual urges stop for you?" Tara Brown asks.

"In prison through those counselling sessions.  She will be 100 per cent safe because I will do everything in the world to protect my little girl, I know that I do not have any urges of this nature at all."

Pull the other one mate.  If authorities allow this child to stay under the control of this paedophile, then WA Child Protective Agency is not doing it's job properly.