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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ashley Madison infidelity website

Ashley Madison has been asking for trouble ever since it started in 2001.  The site's slogan is "Life is short, have an affair" and thirty seven million people agreed, and signed up.

The company behind the site, Avid Life Media, own other dubious websites including Established Men, who connect young women with "successful and generous benefactors to fulfil their lifestyle needs."

A hacker group called the Impact Team say that unless Ashley Madison and their other websites close down, they will release personal details of all their customers.

Ashley Madison is lying its head off, telling customers their personal details are safe, but they're not. Nobody knows just how many private records have been released so far, but the hackers say they have the total database of 33 million members in 46 countries.

They have a "paid delete" option and one man took advantage of it. He paid the fee and felt secure in his anonymity.  But he forgot they had his credit card details which showed his real name and address and to prove their point, the hackers named the man who lived in Ontario.

Amid the panic of seeing their future going down the toilet, Avid Life announced they will make the "paid delete" option free, but it's all too late.

I hope the hackers decide not to release the personal information. No matter what the experts say, when parents divorce, children suffer and lives are ruined.