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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy case - again

Candida Fluty

It makes you wonder if Facebook is creating attention-seeking monsters like Candida Fluty, an American mother who basked in the sympathy and attention she received from her 2,500 Facebook friends.

This sick individual and mother of four was caught on camera taking her son's colostomy bag, removing faeces from it, and injected them into his IV.

Luckily for her, he's still alive and she only got six years jail, another mother who killed her son last year got 20 years.

Her son suffers from a rare disease called Hirschprung's, the congenital condition that affects muscle movement in the bowels and her callous act exacerbated his already chronic condition.

He had a fever because she made it happen.

When posts like this appear constantly over time, warning bells should have rung amongst at least some of her 2,500 Facebook friends.  The internet is now overwhelmed with narcissists seeking adulation and attention, and when mothers post about sick children, it should be a red flag to everyone.

Fluty has four children aged from 9 to 17 who are all in the care of her sister and has been ordered to stay away.