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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bronwyn Bishop finally says she's sorry

At last Bronwyn Bishop has apologised, something she should have done weeks ago.  Instead, she believed she was right and dug in. 

As a politician and living on another planet, she had no way of knowing that the community is disgusted with her arrogant sense of entitlement.
It started with the $5000 helicopter ride which she promptly paid back but after some digging by the  Opposition, they found she had claimed expenses to attend two weddings.  I guess she thought that because the brides were politicians, it was okay, but it wasn't. A wedding is a private affair and she should have paid her own way.

This morning, on his top rating radio show, Liberal supporter Alan Jones gave Ms Bishop the opportunity to set it right and she did.

She said she was pressed for time when she flew from Melbourne to Geelong in a helicopter, but it was not an excuse for letting the Australian people down.

"I want to apologise to the Australia people for my error of judgment and to say sorry" she said.  "There is no excuse for what I did with the helicopter."

Although the weddings of Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella and MP Teresa Gambaro were technically within the rules, she accepted that they "just didn't look right" and she would repay the amounts claimed.   

However, she won't resign and I doubt if Tony Abbott will insist on it. Even though it was a long time coming, she finally apologised and that's that.  The Labor Party must see that it's now a dead duck and drop it.

There won't be one MP in Parliament who hasn't claimed for something they should have paid for themselves but from now on, they need to instruct their staff - who are the people ultimately responsible - to be very careful.