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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ivan Milat ghost tours cancelled

A guided 'extreme terror tour' of the Belanglo forest where Ivan Milat tortured and killed his victims has been cancelled.  NSW Premier Mike Baird said the tour - run by a company called Goulburn Ghost Tours - was not only disgusting but was operating illegally.

He said for a company to operate in the state forest, they need a permit, something they don't have, and won't be getting. "It's not only in bad taste, it's horrendous" he said.

The tour, which has been operating since June, kicks off at 3pm in Goulburn and returns from the forest around 3 am next morning. "Come with us to Belanglo where Ivan Milat buried the bodies of his victims.  Once you enter Belanglo State Forest, you may never come out" it says on the website.

Imagine how the families of the victims feel about this.

Milat has a fan club of women from around the world.  They have written words of adoration and love for him over the 20 years since he was locked up in Goulburn's Supermax prison.

He's serving seven consecutive life sentences for the murder of seven young backpackers between 1989 and 1992 and burying their bodies in the forest, close to where he worked on the road between Sydney and Goulburn.  Police believe he is responsible for many more murders, but there wasn't enough evidence to take the suspected cases to court.

Milat, forever craving attention, has been described as a troublesome inmate.  He has swallowed metal objects and in 2009, he chopped off his finger with a plastic knife and put it in an envelope addressed to the High Court.

He refers to his cell with no windows as a 'cement coffin' and there is no one more deserving of it, than himself.