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Friday, July 17, 2015

Bernard Tomic - the ugly Australian

You have to wonder why Bernard Tomic thinks he's so special.  He was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1992 where his parents were working at the time.  Originally from Yugoslavia, his father is from Croatia and his mother from Bosnia and the family migrated to the Gold Coast when Bernard was 3.

So he went through the Australian school system which tends to bring people with a high opinion of themselves back down to earth pretty quickly, yet it's obvious he hasn't learnt a thing.  He's a constant embarrassment, and now he's been arrested in America.

Driving his Ferrari before he lost his licence

There were multiple complaints from guests about the noise coming from a noisy party in Tomic's hotel penthouse rooms in Miami. When told to tone it down, witnesses said Tomic slammed the door on security guards who then called the police.  When they arrived and asked him to leave, he refused and was arrested.  He was later released on $2000 bail.

John Tomic

Two years ago, his father, John Tomic was found guilty of an assault on another player and received an 8 month suspended sentence.  A court in Madrid ruled Ivana John Tomic did headbutt his son's French tennis practice partner Thomas Drouet outside a hotel in the Spanish capital. 

Just another example of how the apple never falls far from the tree.

He was paying $9000 a night for the penthouse which isn't surprising - a regular hotel room just wouldn't do for this talented young man who is making a complete mess of his life.

Thomas Drouet