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Friday, July 3, 2015

Peter McEvoy and the Q&A scandal

Peter McEvoy

Peter McEvoy is the executive producer and creator of the ABC's Q&A and the person responsible for allowing Zaky Mallah, a terror suspect, to appear live on air.

Why did he do it?  Because he makes sure that every episode is engineered to make the Liberal government look bad.  

It's so biased, it's painful to watch and if the ABC want to bring viewers back to the program that used to be a 'must see' every Monday night, someone with a better sense of fair play should take his place and Peter McEvoy sent packing.

There is another program McEvoy was involved with - the infamous Media Watch.  In 2000 he was executive producer and at the helm of the program during the 'cash for comment' years involving Alan Jones and John Laws.

In 2007, while he was studying a fellowship at Oxford University, ABC management asked him to come home.  They wanted him to create a controversial program that would get the general public thinking and talking about politics, which is a good thing.  But when he crossed the line of fair play and it became a program of anti-government sentiment, it lost credibility.

So after the Zaky Mallah incident and when the PM said "heads should roll" at the ABC, it should be Peter McEvoy's head that goes rolling.