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Monday, July 6, 2015

Tomic and Kyrgios bad Australian Ambassadors

Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios are not good Ambassadors for Australia, in fact they are a downright embarrassment.  It's a shame if the world gets the wrong impression about how Aussies behave because of these two spoilt brats.

It's also a pity that Kyrgios so far hasn't been banned from playing in the Davis Cup after threatening solidarity with Tomic when he was dumped from the Australian team.  Apparently he told Tomic he would also withdraw from the tournament, but quickly changed his mind.

He said on Facebook "As a proud Australian, it's a pleasure and a privilege to represent my country in the Davis Cup.  As long as I'm able, fit and healthy, it's an opportunity I will never pass up."

He sure changed his mind in a hurry. He should be ashamed of himself after the way he behaved when he missed a break spoint. He spun around in a rage and flung his racket so hard into the grass that it bounced several metres into the stands, narrowly missing a spectator. 

Then when Tomic lost his game, he got stuck into Tennis Australia officials.  He accused them of treating him with disrespect and how they abandoned him last year when he had twin hip replacements.  "All of a sudden they are neglecting me for some reason, they are not supporting me, not respecting me" he said.

He then called for an investigation in Tennis Australia because they pulled funding from his family, including his sister Sara, because of his and his father's behaviour.

His father, John Tomic, said his son was prepared to apologise for his vicious outburst but it was too late, he's still banned.  Tomic can thank his father for the ban, as it's alleged he was the one behind the outburst.

John Tomic

There's an old saying that fits this situation nicely - the apple never falls far from the tree.