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Monday, July 20, 2015

Bronwyn Bishop's helicopter ride

Bronwyn Bishop needs to say she's sorry.  Stubbornly digging in isn't working. 

Last year when she had to get from Melbourne to Geelong - 75 kms - for a fund raising event for the Liberal Party, she booked a helicopter ride for $5000 instead of going by car.  Was she running late and thought it would be quicker?  Who knows, but whatever the reason, she did the wrong thing and got caught.

Former Liberal Leader John Hewson has thrown a spanner in the works by saying that Bronny's "only hope" to keep her job as Speaker of the House is to give "a complete and honest and open account" of what happened and why and to openly admit she tried to claim entitlements she wasn't entitled to.

But the biggest problem for Bronwyn is that she comes across as a stuck-up snob from old-world England.  She reeks of pomposity and hubris so it's no surprise then when she flatly refuses to say "I'm sorry" because she really isn't sorry, and doesn't understand why she should be.

When Tony Abbott gave Bronwyn the Speaker's chair, it was a payback for a lifetime of support for the Liberal Party, we all knew that.  But as Speaker, her bias towards the Labor Party at times is embarrassing, especially when Speaker Peter Slipper was hounded and his career ruined over a few dollars. Compared to Bronwyn's helicopter ride, it was small change.

Saying she made 'an error of judgement' and repaying the money just isn't enough Bronny, you have to do something you will find most difficult - humble yourself for once in your life.