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Friday, January 21, 2011

Isabelle Caro Dies of Anorexia

French model Isabelle Caro was another tragic victim of Anorexia. She begged her mother not to take her to the hospital but thinking she was doing the right thing, she took her anyway. She died 2 weeks later on 17th November last year. This month her mother took her own life because she felt "enormous guilt" - she blamed herself for her daughter's death.
Isabelle became famous for a 2007 anti-anorexia campaign where she was photographed in the nude. She weighed just 32 kilos. The photographs were banned by Italy's advertising watchdog and the French refused to use them.
Caro had been diagnosed with an eating disorder when she was 13. In 2006 she collapsed and fell into a coma and her weight fell to 25 kilos but she put on 17 kilos last year. She said she wanted to do the photos to show the dangers of being too thin.
"I thought this could be a chance to use my suffering to get the message across and the danger it leads to - which is death" she said. See how gaunt she looks in this video here: