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Monday, January 3, 2011

Backpakers Invade Sydney Beaches

Backpackers are upsetting the locals at Sydney beaches again. Campervans and carloads of young people from around the world are setting up camp in their streets and carparks, having barbecues on the footpath and leaving toilet paper and garbage lying around. Clovelly is the latest suburb to be invaded and the locals and spitting chips.

One local said "I accept in peak times it takes a while to find a park but the backpackers are taking up spots for months on end and our carpark is not a camp site" he said. "A few days ago, two live chickens jumped out of a van".

Another local said "There's faeces at the front of the toilets and people defecate on the cliffs, it makes me sick. The toilets are closed at night so don't tell me they hold it in all night, especially if they are drinking - the snorkeling is amazing and we have blue gropers down here".

They also use the surf club to recharge their phones and laptops, have late night parties and leave lots of garbage strewn across the carpark. It's an offence to camp on council property without prior consent from the council but no one is taking any notice of the warning signs.
German backpackers Julian Bippus 19, Dominic Schaefer 20 and Simon Reich 19 have been squatting in Clovelly since last Thursday after hearing about the free parking and toilet faciliies through other backpackers. "We came here before New Year's Eve because hostels were too expensive, $80 for a bed. We've gone to Brisbane, through the outback, Byron Bay and Hervey Bay. In Byron we just parked on a street that wasn't near the beach. We asked the police if it was okay and they said it was, then the rangers told us to leave".

Randwick City Council declined to comment last night.