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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rockhampton Floods 2011

New Year's Eve at the Fitzroy Hotel, Rockhampton

Mark Ford ferries his wife home

The fickle finger of fate is a strange thing. While some people's homes are under water, a ferry company lands on its feet. Rocky is now isolated. People headed out by plane in droves yesterday and the airport is now closed and the roads are cut. But a new route to Gladstone will be opened this morning.

Freedom Fast Cats, the Rosslyn Bay company which runs ferries to Great Keppel Island will operate a daily service to Gladstone for those who desperately need to get out. Owner Max Allen said he needs 20 paying passengers in each direction to make the service viable but if it becomes popular, he could transport up to 300 people from Rosslyn Bay Harbour to Gladstone each morning. I'm sure he could. The fare is $110 per adult each way and $66 per child.

There was once a time, many moons ago, when people would help each other out and it wouldn't cost you a cent. I guess those days are well and truly gone forever. Shame.