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Monday, January 17, 2011

Brisbane Flood Victims

It's a sad sight, a young mother struggling on her own without a partner to help. Natasha Ireland is a single mother of five children, the youngest just eight days old. She's been living in an indoor sports centre in Ipswich with other people who have lost their homes. She walked out of her North Booval home last Tuesday with only her children and the clothes on their backs.

It's hot in the indoor cricket pitch and the fans hardly stir the air. Natasha 25, is surrounded by donated toys and children's clothing - it's all she has in the world. She hopes to move into her brother's home for a while but it's hard finding a space for a family of six. Her home went completely under, as did most of the houses in David Street and is now abandoned and considered unsalvageable.
It's hard to see Australians so vulnerable like this, it shouldn't be happening in the lucky country, should it?