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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day 2011

Tan Le is one of Australia's most successful business women and she was also a refugee. She says she hates blond haired, blue eyed yobbos prancing around in the Australian flag intimidating people who don't look like them on Australia Day. She was insulted in Chinatown last week by an Australian bigot and regrets her missed opportunity to give him a piece of her mind before he walked away.

"I wish I'd told this ignorant bastard that he was an arrogant so-and-so and that if the truth were known, we are all migrants to this country. I wish I'd said that he should be grateful that by the grace of God, he was born in this country and not in Iran or Afghanistan or wherever - but I didn't and I will always carry the shame of a lost opportunity."

So are we a racist country? Yes of course we are and I think it could be something to do with jealousy. Thanks to the White Australia Policy, we don't want to share our country with anyone but our own. It's pretty selfish really and it's about time we got over it. But our children are going to save us. Little kids don't understand or care about colour or race, they just hook up with other kids in the playground that they like. And hopefully these friendships will endure over lifetimes and the racist problem will be fixed forever - it will just take a while. By then, the worst bigots, the older folk, will be dead and buried along with their racist beliefs. Too simple? Maybe, but on the eve of Australia Day, I wonder how different ethnic groups feel about this important day - they could be as proud to be Australian as we are.