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Saturday, January 29, 2011

WikiLeaks Mutiny Within

Daniel Domscheit-Borg was once Julian Assange's right hand man but not anymore. He accused Assange of being a control freak - too autocratic and "some kind of emperor or slave trader" who refused to consult with his team on important decisions. So Domscheit-Borg and a few other defectors started OpenLeaks.

Assange is also on the outer with some important media heavyweights. He threatened to sue Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and New York Times chief editor Bill Keller called him "elusive, manipulative and volatile".

But here's the important bit - Domscheit-Borg resigned from WikiLeaks after it released 400,000 classified US documents relating to the Iraq war. The reason? He felt Assange released them too early without taking the time to edit names of US informants properly.

A transcript of an online chat published by reported that Domscheit-Borg said to Assange "You are not anyone's king or god" and Assange shot back that he was suspending him for a month and if he wanted to appeal "You will be heard on Tuesday." That's when he resigned and began work on OpenLeaks. He is also writing a book about his three years with WikiLeaks.

But Australian journalist Andrew Fowler will probably beat him to it. He's writing Assange's biography titled "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" due for release later this year and the movie rights have already been snapped up.