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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Child Soldiers Running Australia

Bronwyn Bishop said the mass exodus from the Labor Party since Kevin Rudd's demise means that "child soldiers" were running critical positions in Julia Gillard's government. And the gossip around Parliament House is that she is going to be rolled. We have paid out $7 million in termination payouts for 146 government staff who have resigned or terminated since June 2010. So why is it so? Disillusionment with the government and burnout have been cited as the reasons but of course we have no idea what's going on. And let's face it, there have been numerous times over the past few months when Julia Gillard has been seen to compromise with the Independents in order to hang on to power by her fingernails, and it's not a good look - utter humiliation.

Liberal MP Jamie Briggs said "It explains why the government has handled so many issues in such an incompetent fashion and raises questions over its stability". But where is Tony Abbott? Surely Julia Gillard's performance has been so incredibly bad that Tony could have gone for the jugular on several occasions. Just take the issue of asylum seekers, with more boats arriving every day, the situation is dire to say the least with no solution in sight. He had the reputation of being a 'hatchet man', so what happened? I hope he's out of the country because if he's been here all the time and played dumb, the country needs a new Opposition leader.

Canberra is a fabulous city, a bit cold in winter, but it has the best of everything - schools, hospitals, the arts, and only a couple of hours from Sydney. If you are looking for a job, as at 1st October 2010, there were still 136 staffing positions available.