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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Car rampage in Melbourne

Yesterday, the man who deliberately drove his car at high speed into a crowd of people in the centre of Melbourne, intending to kill as many people as possible, was out on bail.

Yes, that's right, someone from the parole board let this maniac Dimitrious Gargasoulas back on the streets and now four people including a young child are dead and 31 have been hospitalised.

Chief Commissioner Ashton said although police opposed bail, some bright spark let him out.

Gargasoulas has a history of extensive family violence and is also a drug addict.  The 26 year old was charged last weekend after several violent assaults, but his violence and police record didn't trigger enough alarm in the person responsible for giving him bail, and we need to know why not.

Yesterday morning he stabbed his brother in the neck and face before he went on his murderous rampage across town in a stolen car.  He took a woman known to him hostage but she managed to escape.

Police called off the chase when it became clear he was out of his mind but finally rammed his car before shooting him in the arm.

Days before, he wrote on his Facebook page "I'LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT... YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME."

Reports say Dimitrious Gargasoulas was given bail by a "bail justice." So who is this person?  They are responsible for keeping the general public safe.  So what happened?